Why Fighting Guilt Is Good Business


Today I read an interesting article about GFC – Guilt Free Consumption which talks about why “guilt-free is the new luxury for consumers and the Holy Grail for businesses”. It’s a positive sign in the world I think, we are more aware about our impact and more connected to the state of things around us.

As a consumer it’s about making smart choices and as a business, being aware of all your processes and taking responsibility for ensuring a transparent and “clean” approach to your sales – making it truly good business. This is really just a way of fighting your customers’ concerns proactively. And it works!

There are many good examples in the article, but I will borrow a few (I find the formatting of the article a bit hard on the eyes, so hopefully this will be a nice, easy-on-the-eyes summary):

Peddler’s Creamery ice-cream shop in Los Angeles powers its churner by asking customers to peddle an in-store bicycle. GUILT-FREE indulgence indeed!

Burger King launched Satisfries – French fries with 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than the McDonald’s equivalent.

Miya’s Sushi in Connecticut, US, goes beyond simply not including endangered fish such as yellow tail tuna on its menu: it offers dishes made with non-native, invasive species that are damaging the local habitat, and thus eating (and enjoying) them makes customers part of the solution.

The Wish Lit app allows the user to enter the cost of a desired object and then calculates how much energy they need to save in order to purchase it.

This is great inspiration for any business in any industry. The next step is of course to look at consumption that goes beyond guilt-free and becomes actively positive in impact across every domain.

How can you make your business guilt-free?

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