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About Jonas:

“A creative mind with a solution and answer focused approach. Builds answers, opens paths, finds ways… Good to know. Great to work with.” Mario Rui Santos – Project Manager, Dhoze.com

“Jonas manages through his modern leadership style to create a tight and passionate atmosphere where people feel comfortable at work. Jonas has the ability to constantly deal with many projects simultaneously and constantly deal with several demanding stakeholders, both internally and externally.  Apart from his professional skills he is a very social person, open minded with a smile on his face.” – Tobias Johansson, Art Director, The Betsson Group

“Jonas runs a tight ship and has great resources in his team that ensures the media, content and projects carried out always make the brand stand out and create interest. He manages many projects simultaneously with understanding and confidence that allows him to prioritize based on the business requirements. He really puts bucket loads of effort into ensuring only the very best work leaves his department, thus helping to make the brands he work with world class.” – Stuart French, Head of Business Development, Betsson

“Sure, he isn’t Hemingway or Faulkner or McCarthy. He is Jonas Eriksson, and I’m glad about that. His writing reads real. It feels real. What I like most about the book is that behind the homour lies that certain type of seriousness that reminds me how to be human, and that I am human. Looking forward to reading the rest of his books.” Jonathan Francisco after reading The Wake-Up Call.

About his novel The Wake-Up Call

“A contemporary Don Draper!”
“A riveting page-turner.”
“Brilliant fun for small money.”
“If you don’t smile to this book, you probably never smile anyway.”
“Like a male Bridget Jones in the voice of Marian Keyes.”
“Good style, great flow! Can’t remember that a book entertained me this much.”
“Gritty, realistic and a damn good read!”“The Wake-Up Call really has it all – you laugh, you’re moved and most of all you’re entertained.”
“Great character development!” 

Gritty, realisitic and a damn good read
S. J. Dagg, France

This is a fast, exciting read. Jack Reynolds, a self-absorbed high-flying, high-stress executive and serial womaniser, is all about image. He has designer-label this, top-of-the-range that, and thinks he’s living the ultimate enviable lifestyle.
However, it’s not sustainable. Jack’s shallow world comes crashing down around him when he gets the first of his wake-up calls. Calls plural? The title refers to just one, but in my opinion Jack gets several which accumulate to finally make him turn his life around. You can make your own mind up when you read this story.
What is this book? It’s not quite romantic comedy, although it has both those elements in it. It’s certainly contemporary, and there’s a strong picaresque element to it in that it’s the story of a lovable rogue going on a journey of self-discovery. But you don’t need to pigeon-hole it. It’s a unique book, it’s gritty, it’s realistic, it’s a damn good read.
The characters are interesting and complex, the various settings are well portrayed, and the plot is exciting and original. On the technical side, there are a few minor typos, but I’m an editor so I tend to notice that stuff! On the whole this book is extremely well-written and constructed. And it’s precisely why this era of self-published books is so great – books like this get to find an audience.
Looking forward to your next book, Jonas.


I’ll be honest with you. I’m a designer and I picked this book up because I thought the cover was appealing. Yeah, it works like that for ebooks as well 🙂 But only a few pages in I was hooked by this Jack guy. It’s like being inside his head. And a very entertaining head it is!

The book is a fast and easy read, there are not too many characters to keep track of and the action unfolds very much like in a movie. You won’t find a lot of description but instead some punchy and humorous dialogue, which I really liked. There’s some unexpected twists and turns to the story that keeps you on your toes and you’re never really sure what’s going to happen next.

To summarize The Wake-Up Call really has it all – you laugh, you’re moved and most of all you’re entertained. The only bad thing I can say about is that it ends too soon. So I’ll just hope the author writes another book soon!


Fast paced, riveting read

An excellent first novel by this author. It’s fast paced, has an interesting plot line and quite a few unexpected twists. Best line in the book: “He looks like he’d rather do taxes than girls.”


An entertaining and fast read which keeps you stuck at all times with a lot of interesting characters and dialogues. It’s quite a unique plot and a realistic story about the truly self-centered main character Jack Reynolds. I could imagine a movie being made from this book. A great first novel by the author, highly recommended for most readers

Good style, great flow!
G.V, Austria

Man, how funny is your book! Had such a good time on the plane with loud laughter! Good style, great flow! Can’t remember that a book entertained me that much. Great!

Great character development!
Mark Wilson

This book has a great main character whom you like and shake your head at in equal doses, engaging dialogue, great character-development and is enhanced by the irreverent and very contemporary writing style of the author.

Jonas manages to make the transition of his character from outright rogue to something a little more civilsed without employing the heavy-handed and cliched moralistic overtones of some lesser writers. Without being spectacularly original, A good solid, entertaining read.

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