We Live in Boxes – Let’s Look Outside


I hate using cliches, but the headline was too apt not to use it. Also it makes me think of the theme song to the hit TV-series Weeds. The song, written by Malvina Reynolds, is a political satire about the development of suburbia in the sixties and the “ticky-tacky” material used to build them.

But when I write that we live in boxes – I don’t mean cheap houses,  I mean our world view and our lives. Because many of us, and I’m definitely one of them, live on a pretty safe and narrow path. We have it pretty good, but still we complain and are desperate for more.

We only see the edges of the box. This is the way most lives are set up and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just that it wouldn’t hurt to look outside the box once in a while.

It can sometimes be a major eye-opener.

One guy who’s a master of making us look outside the box and see the world differently, is Hans Rosling.

Are you complaining about your salary, your job or something else? (I do this at times and sound like a baby). Look at his Ted Talk:

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

And we need to think to more. Think more outside our little boxes.

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