Vacation from Social Media

Today is my second day back at work from a three week vacation. But I didn’t only take a vacation from work, but also from Twitter, Facebook, and the web in general. I couldn’t completely ignore the computer though as I was working on my third novel/novelette, Six Strings, but I was strictly off the social “interwebs”.

And I didn’t miss it. Instead I did things like fishing, reading (preferably outside with a paper book), took walks, and spent some well-needed time with family = activities that didn’t influence my Klout score one bit. It felt good. No, it felt great.

I guess you need a reminder sometimes that the analog world can be pretty damn spectacular in its own right and that the constant stream of information you’re subjected to every day can be stressful. Get out of its way if you can for a while, see how it feels like. I don’t think you will miss it that much.

It might not be healthy if you do.

I’m not saying social media is bad in any way, because I’ve learned quite a bit from my interactions on Twitter and Facebook, but it does make me unfocused and jittery at times. Too many distractions, too many links.

I know this sounds totally cliché, but it’s easy to forget to pause your life for a bit and go on a information diet.

That’s what a proper vacation should be like, I think.

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