There is time for nice

Employee-Motivation-Organizational-CultureSaw the brilliant Office Space a few weeks ago. Still relevant today.

Do top level managers have no time for pleasantries? Are they always too busy to say thanks, hi or stop for a quick chat in the corridor? I would say no. I’ve met the opposite a few times, but also the ones that make me write this post.

I come off as a bit tough, I know. But I was raised to believe it’s not too difficult to try and bring a smile with you as often as possible.

In many ways it’s common sense. Treat people with respect, be friendly and humble and you’ll get all that back and more. It’s also more fun. And it’s definitely not THAT difficult.

As history has proven to us, being an asshole doesn’t stop you from reaching success in life. On the contrary, maybe the lack of inhibitions and manners will make you worry less about stepping on toes and elbowing people and make it easier for you to take care of your top priority – you.

But is it nice to be an asshole? Is it fun? Isn’t life more interesting when you connect with people and build relationships? When you treat people well? After all, being nice doesn’t mean you can’t be honest and give tough feedback. But unless you also give good feedback, you’ll never maximize the potential of your employees.

And then you (and your business) lose.

I will always wonder about the people who believe it’s okay to be rude in the office. You are you, also at work. You’re not hiding behind a facade or acting in a some kind of cubicle movie. What you say and do reflect on your character. And if you don’t understand that, you are the one that look stupid, not the employees that you treat like they’re stupid.

End of rant. Smile a bit from time to time, will ya?

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