The Wake-Up Call

The-wake-up-call-frontYou either love him or hate him. No matter if you think he’s an asshole or just a nice guy in a heap of trouble, Jack Reynolds will stir your feelings. Do like 50 000 other readers and enjoy his story…

On the surface he has it all: the women, the career, and the Central Park view penthouse, but behind his well-groomed and chiseled facade he has nothing. Alpha-male Jack Reynolds’ workaholic, womanizing and self-centered behavior is about to catch up with him both physically and mentally and after a series of grave romantic mistakes, he tries to escape it all by boarding a plane to Cancun, Mexico.

But Jack soon realizes he can’t really run away from anything… especially not himself.

Find out how Jack gets his life-changing wake-up call in this fast-paced, heartfelt and funny novel about soul-searching, friendship, and love.

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Readers response to The Wake-Up Call…

“A contemporary Don Draper!”
“A riveting page-turner.”
“Brilliant fun for small money.”
“If you don’t smile to this book, you probably never smile anyway.”
“Like a male Bridget Jones in the voice of Marian Keyes.”
“Good style, great flow! Can’t remember that a book entertained me this much.”
Gritty, realistic and a damn good read!”
“The Wake-Up Call really has it all – you laugh, you’re moved and most of all you’re entertained.”

The Wake-Up Call reached the semi-finals in The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012.

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