The Point of Graphical Sex Scenes?

zero_hour_cloc_450It’s a zero. Meaning: no point. Now, please read on. 

We’re watching a lot of series and films together with our ten-year-old. He’s a part of the Youtube-know-it-all generation so he knows what sex, violence and swearwords are. Still, I don’t think it’s great for him (or me) to watch graphical sex or violence scenes. It’s actually pretty damn awkward.

It makes me wonder what directors and screenwriters think when they decide to make something graphical. Is it to shock/repulse? To make some kind of statement? To be “real”?

When you see a hatchet being thrown against a head and hear a thud-sound out of picture, you put two and two together. Same thing happens when you watch a man and a woman kiss intensely and then lie down on a bed. You understand exactly what’s happening and there is no point in watching it. Actually it will likely be:

  • Slightly disgusting
  • Kinda awkward
  • Look really cheap (think Stephen King cutting a fake cow in half in “Under the Dome”)

So what’s the point? Why can’t we keep it subtle and focus on the storytelling? Are there plot problems to cover up by distracting the viewer’s attention?

My take on this is:
If you want to see gore and violence – watch a horror film.
If you want to see sex – watch porn.

It’s that easy. But when you put graphical sex or violence into comedies or thriller series, I scratch my head and wonder why. And I think most ten-year-olds (and older) do the same.

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