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There’s a lot of talk of what’s required of marketeers these days. Since we’re increasingly diving into a more technical world where coders are king and a successful startups are the new rockstars – marketeers need to add a slightly different set of tools than before.

If you really want to be successful as a “new marketeer” or “e-marketeer” you need to be more of a growth hacker. Now what the hell is a growth hacker?

The Wikipedia definition sounds nice but could be clearer:

“Growth hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.”

Why is it called growth hacking? Because it’s all about growth, nothing else. Growth hacking is about finding new ways to improve reach and get more customers. It’s quantity, not quality or brand building which would be something a traditional marketeer would also be thinking about.

Here’s a great post about growth hacking and here’s one on growth hacking tools.

Growth hacking is about creatively driving people to your product and that’s definitely something that should be in the tool box of any aspiring e-markeeter. These are some of the skills you need to have as a growth hacker and e-marketeer (depending on the setup in your organization you might only need an understanding of them, but that’s the minimum – being completely clueless in some of them is simply not good enough).

SEO – web and copywriting
Databases, MySQL – you need to work with your data properly.
Web development – even if you’ll never be a developer you need to be able to gauge what is possible and not possible.
User experience – UX is a major buzzword (buzz abbreviation). You don’t need to be a master, but you need to understand the psychology behind it and how important it is for your business.
Analytics – you need to know what’s happening to your business and to understand why it’s happening.
Copywriting – being a good writer is being a good communicator. This is key not only for startups or tech companies but almost all leadership roles.

Here’s a good presentation from Technical Marketing on what skills you need as a e-marketeer.

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