Atmosphere – Yesterday

Let me present another great hip-hop lyricist in Atmosphere and the beautiful song “Yesterday”.

I thought I saw you yesterday
But I didn’t stop cause you was walking the opposite way
I guess I could have shouted out your name
But even if it was you I don’t what I would say
We can sit and reminisce about the old school
Maybe share a cigarette because we both fools
Chop it up and compare perspectives
Life, Love, Stress, and Set backs
You could tell me how hard you had it
And you could show me all the scars to back it
And we can analyze each complaint
Break it down and explain these mistakes I make
I like to tangle up the strings of the puppetry
But you knew me back when I was a younger me
You’ve seen Sean in all types of light
And I’ve been meaning to ask you if I’m doing alright