The Liberty Tree – a Review

The Liberty Tree
Drunk to Sober, via Love, Death, Disintegration & Freedom
Suzanne Harrington

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This book took some guts to write.

17674750-205x300Because it can’t be easy writing a book directed to your kids about the sometimes very dark days in your life and how their (then ex-husband to the author) father, Leo, commited suicide. The Liberty Tree is in part an ode to Leo and in part a very revealing and emotionally heavy autobiography.


Writing is Painful – Writing a Book is Hell


It’s been a pain, I tell you, writing my second novel. I’m working on rewrite number three and I’m far from sure it will be good enough. Maybe the whole idea is flawed? Maybe I should just burn the whole thing?

But then again, I don’t want to set my Macbook on fire.