Manager, Leader, or Coach?

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Are you a Manager, Leader or Coach?

Or all three? Then you’re most likely a good one.

Too many managers are just being a manager. They organise and tell people what to do. They manage and set expectations and goals, but rarely inspire and coach their team members into exceeding them.

Or! And this is important: feeling good about reaching those goals.

On their business card it says “manager”. So they manage. But what many of them manage best are to set up their own career stepping stones.

But it’s not enough to manage, you need to lead and coach too if you want to maximise results.

And…this one is tied to the first one: to have fun!

Most managers forget about having fun. They forget that life and work doesn’t have to be a grey and a black zone. They see work as the place where you make enough money to have fun in your spare time.

Just writing that makes me kind of depressed.

We spend eight hours a day or more doing work. Shouldn’t it at least be a little bit fun? And shouldn’t you at least feel a little bit good about yourself from time to time?

We want the money, yes, because we need to pay the bills and buy a better car. But we need more than that. We need recognition and purpose.

We need to feel a part of something bigger.

This is what drives and inspires us. Not money. Not KPIs. Something bigger.

We want to make a difference in people’s lives.

You don’t need to work for the Red Cross or build schools in Africa to do that. It might be handing out the mail, cleaning someone’s car or providing some other valuable service to your customers. But you need to feel it. You need to feel your purpose.

This is what creates inspiration and drive – powerful energies that can change you. And that can help you change the world. And have fun while doing it.

Your manager, coach and leader is the guy or girl that should make you feel like anything is possible. That you can be a part of that equation.

And if you are a manager: strive to be that person your past employees talk about for years. (And not in a bad way.)

Lead, coach, manage. In that order. Then you will inspire.