Vacation from Social Media

Today is my second day back at work from a three week vacation. But I didn’t only take a vacation from work, but also from Twitter, Facebook, and the web in general. I couldn’t completely ignore the computer though as I was working on my third novel/novelette, Six Strings, but I was strictly off the social “interwebs”.


The Power of Patience

My twitter stream has been full of powerful advice lately. It’s in fact amazing how many smart and hard-working people there are on Twitter, let alone the world. It’s almost as if the competition to be seen and heard, which I guess is what we all want in some way or other, is overwhelming. But when you should rejoice in knowing that there are many brilliant people out there, that the planet is full of them, instead you feel deflated. A voice in your head goes: “Why should anyone listen to me? What do I have to offer?”


George Clooney – The Eternal Bachelor

On my impossibly long Twitter timeline, I found out the “jaw-dropping” news that George Clooney has split up with Stacy Keibler. The reason she broke up with him was that he didn’t want to settle down.

Should this have come as a big surprise to Keibler? After all, Clooney is known as the eternal bachelor. It doesn’t matter if he’s now 52 and Keibler is 33 – he’s not into the family lifestyle. Good to know for future women who take a healthy or apparently unhealthy interest in the former “Sexiest Man Alive”.


Funny tweets win?

If you’re not a celebrity it seems like the best way to get a healthy twitter following is to write one, two or three-line jokes (remember, 140 characters is the max!). Just look at guys like @yourfavwhiteguy who writes adolescent jokes to the joy of close to 180 000 people along with his buddy @bestworstadvice and also @fatjew who has slightly, but very slightly more class. Then we have @rodney_at_large and specifically @damienfahey and @juliussharpe who are all quite funny and have a decent amount of followers.


Niklas Derouche går på cirkus i tweetform

Artwork: “Clown” by Etienne Bugeja, one of the talented designers in my team.

Niklas Derouche (nikder) är en av de roligaste svenskarna på twitter. Igår kväll beskrev han sin kväll på cirkus så här …(tweetform)

Är på cirkus. 6-åringens entusiastisk. Jag: inte direkt.


Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Twitter


Today Kanye West and Justin Bieber are “conversing” on Twitter. Kanye, who is a very talented songwriter and created the masterpiece College Dropout, tweeted that he can’t stop listening to Biebers song “Runaway Love” and that they should work together. Pretty amazing to see world famous artists do some social “tweetworking”. Twitter is a strange phenomenon.