Trump wins and contextual advertising

The population of the United States of America shocked us all today when they voted reality star and business mogul Donald Trump to be the next president. It was joke in “The Simpsons” 16 years ago, but today a guy that has been making fun of women, Mexicans, gays and people with mental disabilities, is now trying to make America great again. If that is without all those people, remains to be seen.

Although his winning speech was quite composed and toned down, it will be interesting to see if all the various threats Trumps has talked about, like tossing away trade agreements, incarcerating Hillary Clinton, stopping Muslims for entering the country and building a wall to Mexico, was all talk on the campaign trail.

When I logged into New York Times today, I found piece of contextual advertising that I’m not sure was intentional or not, but still put a wry smile on my face. Above the headline “Trump triumphs” was a banner for a game called World of Warships.

I sure hope that this was just a weird coincidence and that these two messages won’t go together in the future. The only thing we can know for now is that we’re entering a uncertain times.

But no matter what, stay positive, be good, believe in good people and remember that the world is what we make of it.