“Packs a dark punch right in the depths of your heart.”

Ronda - Vista nocturna

The picture is from Ronda, Spain, the setting of my upcoming novel/novella with the working name “6 Strings.” It’s a dark and mysterious love story inspired by the excellent books of Carlos Ruis Zafón.

More about the upcoming 6 Strings:

Inspired by the old blues legend of Crossroads in the style of Carlos Luis Zafón, the mysterious love story 6 strings packs a dark punch right in the depths of your heart. Recently divorced, Peter, takes the difficult decision to leave his safe Sweden with the goal of fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional classical guitarist. He travels to Spain to study with the best and ends up in the Andalucian city of Ronda where he meets a mystical man in black who promises him to help him reach mastery. Little does he know what he needs to give up to achieve it…

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Short story: A Killer Date

New short story out. This time it’s a thriller (or horror if you like). The story is about a romantic date gone bad.

Description for A Killer Date

30 minutes into the date, Sheila thinks there’s magic in the air between her and Terry. He’s the man she’s been waiting for. She can hardly believe her luck to have met a man who seems to have everything. She wants to pinch her arm and ask herself if it’s too good to be true, but if she did the answer would be: Yes, it is too good to be true, because the truth is actually horrifying…

Read, enjoy and share. A Killer Date

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