The Wake-up Call: The cover

Here’s the preliminary cover art for my upcoming novel The Wake-Up Call, designed by talented designer Joakim Wiborn.┬áThe book is about New York advertising mogul Jack Reynolds’ quest for love; from family, friends, and of course from girls (well meeting girls is not a problem, the problem is meeting the girl).┬áJack has worked hard all his life to reach the top in the advertising world, only to realize it’s pretty lonely up there.


The Wake Up Call

I see I get a lot of people to do blog googling New York. I’m healthily obsessed with the city so maybe that’s a good thing although my blog is not a New York travel guide.

New York of course had to be a main setting in my upcoming Kindle novel The Wake Up Call . The novel is about a man in the midst of a middle age crisis and the journey (physical and emotional) he takes to try to find love, both for himself and in the shape of a woman. I’m currently doing the last bit of editing (I only have the weekends to work on it, so that’s why it’s a slow progress) but when I’m happy with it I’ll publish it on Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle or don’t know what it is I’ll recommend you to read this and hopefully later purchase one, it’s a great product and makes reading on the go so much easier. If anyone would be interested in publishing it in print form as well, I would of course love to, but they all say the publishing industry is worse than the music industry so I’m trying to stay realistic.