What’s the Wake-Up Call?

So what’s The Wake-Up Call? It’s a novel about a self-centered, womanizing, workaholic and narcissistic creative director called Jack Reynolds whose life changes completely after a few romantic mistakes.

The Wake-Up Call has been downloaded +40 000 times and reached the semi-finals of The Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012. Buy it in print at The Book Depository or Amazon US and UK Or why not as an e-book? USUKFRITDEES


The Wake-Up Call – a self-publishing experiment

My first novel is called The Wake-Up Call, it is currently available on Amazon Kindle and in print at The Book Depository (Europe) and Amazon US. It has currently had more than 35 000 downloads as an e-book, which I’m very happy with. I wrote the book as an experiment to see whether or not a reader would sympathise with what many would call an “asshole” if he told his story from the first-person perspective. I’m not surprised that the feedback has been mixed, some people love the book and to get inside the head of the main character Jack Reynolds, while some people think he’s too morally corrupt to bother with. My next novel,Hollywood PA, will not be as controversial and will hopefully get more even (positive) feedback.


The Wake-Up Call is FREE and HOT :)

Today is the second day of The Wake-Up Call being free and after one day I’ve already had 13000+ downloads, which I’m very happy with. Just hope the readers like the story as well. I woke up to the nice news of being #1 in Contemporary Fiction and #6 in Kindle Books. Thanks everyone for helping me boost the book. Sorry about any spam or unintended bragging, but an independent author needs every little help he/she can get 🙂


The Wake-Up Call is FREE today and Sunday

It’s normally $4.99 but today it’s FREE. Just download and read it on your Kindle, iPhone, computer, or other electronic device. Check out how here!..

Find your Amazon and print link here: http://thewakeupcallbook.com  The most common ones are US (+rest of the world) and UK

About The Wake-Up Call:


Writing can be lonely, but can’t be done alone


Whilst working on my second book, Hollywood Ass., I’ve realized how lonely writing can be and how important it is to have someone to brainstorm ideas and discuss characters with, get feedback from and to help you with the thankless task of reading every word you write, two-three-four times or more. I think all writers need this, it’s essential to the process of creativity, where anything really good rarely comes out of one single mind. It has to be a give and take-process and it’s seldom (I would like to say never) linear, but up and down, ebb and flow, like a roller coaster where you’re sometimes on an amazing high and occasionally also in a deep, deep valley of doubt.