The Liberty Tree – a Review

The Liberty Tree
Drunk to Sober, via Love, Death, Disintegration & Freedom
Suzanne Harrington

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This book took some guts to write.

17674750-205x300Because it can’t be easy writing a book directed to your kids about the sometimes very dark days in your life and how their (then ex-husband to the author) father, Leo, commited suicide. The Liberty Tree is in part an ode to Leo and in part a very revealing and emotionally heavy autobiography.


Spirit House by Mark Dapin

My friends at The Book Depository sent me Spirit House by Mark Dapin today. I’m really looking forward to reading it.

Spirit House is about a POW (prisoner of war) on the Thai-Burma railway who drinks too much trying to escape the horrors of his past. But when his thirteen-year-old grandson comes to visit him, the stories of what happened in the days of the war comes back to him. The story is about “the bonds of a life-long friendship and the bonds of grief, and of a young boy making sense of his future while old men try to live with their past.”