My Friend, The Kindle

Yes, I can really be more proud of having a Kindle as my friend. I think a Kindle, besides being able to carry thousands of books in one light-weight, easy-to-use product, really sends a strong message that you’re a person who likes to read and that’s a nice bonus. The days of adding kilos to your luggage because you’re a keen reader are over, now you can carry as many as you want everywhere you go.

The Kindle is also good if you like books with big type, becuase you can format your books in many different ways. Besides that you can surf the web (a rudimentary browser is included) and download books directly on your Kindle.

I haven’t tried any other e-book readers, but no matter if they’re as good as the Kindle or not, I think e-books are here to stay.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying beautiful printed books like the coffee table books from Taschen. It just means that for business and fiction, I’ll look in the Kindle store first.

You can check out the Kindle here

New coffee table book: Living in Mexico

Lenah loves Mexican culture (and interior design) so I bought her this beautiful book as a gift. You can’t have enough coffee table books! (Well, you can, it depends on the size of your coffee table).

Check out Living In Mexico from the fantastic book publisher Taschen.