The latest ads – good, bad and ugly

Working in advertising makes you look at ads in a different way. While some people might just turn the page, I like to study execution and idea. Here are a few of the latest print ads that caught my eye.

First one is a nice play on the famous phrase “Home, sweet home.” in the ad becoming, home sweet home. It’s a fun play on words, but it’s hard to say whether the ad will be successful just because of that. Still, Thumbs up.

Now what this “sexy”-looking guy holding an iPad has to do with chocolate, I will never know. Is this Cadbury’s target group? Tech-savvy business men in need of a good dump? Thumbs DOWN.

A classic print ad. When you have a product as attractive as Rolex, you don’t need more than a full page spread just showing it. This was actually a spread where one page was used for the watch and the second page was a more or less empty, except for the Rolex logo. Costly promotion? Well, if they sell one watch from it, they get more than the money back.

Swedish alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget, need to be politically correct when they advertise their products. In their ads they mostly talk about responsible drinking, the problem with underage drinking and how bad it is to drink and drive. This ad is slightly different and more clever. Here they sell their alcohol-free products, saying that it’s always good to have something more interesting than water at your table. The smart thing about the ad is that they show a lot of product in it, aka beverages that could both contain alcohol and not, which means that the tastebuds will start to tickle, no matter if you’re a teetotaler, a wine enthusiast, a pub guy or a raging alcoholic.