George Clooney – The Eternal Bachelor

On my impossibly long Twitter timeline, I found out the “jaw-dropping” news that George Clooney has split up with Stacy Keibler. The reason she broke up with him was that he didn’t want to settle down.

Should this have come as a big surprise to Keibler? After all, Clooney is known as the eternal bachelor. It doesn’t matter if he’s now 52 and Keibler is 33 – he’s not into the family lifestyle. Good to know for future women who take a healthy or apparently unhealthy interest in the former “Sexiest Man Alive”.

It seems like famous people are less prone to settle down. Why? You might ask. Well, it’s possible that the lifestyle is a little too good to pass up on. Because obviously things will change somewhat once children come into the picture. Or maybe there’s some kind of unresolved childhood trauma that makes them opt out of the “usual procedure”. I’m just guessing here, maybe you have other theories? Let me know.

But hey! Each man or woman to his or her own. If you don’t want kids and are not looking to build a family, it’s your choice. The world will be okay (since we’re pretty much overpopulated anyway).

So go George, may you find happiness wherever that may be.

I dealt with this celebrity “issue” in my latest novel Hollywood Ass. by the way. The main character is not keen on starting a family and that’s one reason her marriage is not working out…read more about Hollywood Ass.