Writing and Self-Publishing a Book

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Writing a book is easy. After all, I have written two and I’m no rocket scientist.

Of course, if you want to write a really good book, it might be more difficult. I always aim high, but I guess it will take a few books before I’m really, really satisfied with the result. But at least I’m writing and trying my best. (If you want to check out what I’ve written – check out My Books.)


The Wake-Up Call – a self-publishing experiment

My first novel is called The Wake-Up Call, it is currently available on Amazon Kindle and in print at The Book Depository (Europe) and Amazon US. It has currently had more than 35 000 downloads as an e-book, which I’m very happy with. I wrote the book as an experiment to see whether or not a reader would sympathise with what many would call an “asshole” if he told his story from the first-person perspective. I’m not surprised that the feedback has been mixed, some people love the book and to get inside the head of the main character Jack Reynolds, while some people think he’s too morally corrupt to bother with. My next novel,Hollywood PA, will not be as controversial and will hopefully get more even (positive) feedback.