Ryanair rebrand

Fake ad

Yesterday I booked a trip to Bergamo (vacation) with Ryanair. I’m traveling frequently through work, but there was a long time since I flew with the controversial airline. I haven’t been able to avoid them in media though with their CEO┬áMichael O’Leary appearing in media (mostly as a “defendant”) from time to time. Here are his “daftest” quotes according to the Guardian.


Siemens refuses to fly Ryanair

Yeah, the large German company has publicly stated that they won’t use Ryanair for their business travel. Their openness with the decision is pointed at Ryanair’s security problems and unreliability in cases where they have had to emergency land due to lack of fuel. Besides losing 400 000 potential customers (that’s how many employees Siemens have), statements like this could also influence lots of travellers and companies all over the world.