Another Nice Review for Hollywood Ass.

I was very pleased to read a review on ChickLit Pad today for Hollywood Ass. Please read the full review here. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

With Jonas Eriksson’s Hollywood Ass, you don’t need to be reading any crap about Hollywood that isn’t Hollywood.


Stuff vs Experiences


There is nothing better to open up your senses and relax your mind than traveling. Thankfully, Lenah and I are aligned when it comes to where we spend our hard-earned money. We have decided not buy property (can’t really afford it) and lots of stuff. Instead we’re focusing on eating and drinking well, traveling and enjoying life to the max. Because what good is buying lots of stuff really? In fact, we don’t even own a car, we rent one when we need it. It’s cost- and environmentally friendly.



Lenah and I had an absolutely amazing trip to Rome. We were there from Friday morning to Sunday evening but we saw the most of this beautiful city, ate great food, drank fantastic wine, listened to some live music, had a spiritual moment in St. Peter’s Basilica, a magical sunset walk around Castel Sant’Angelo and much, much more.