Ayurveda and Chris Brown

Lenah and I started the morning with espressos and a chat about the different mental types of Ayurveda, the Rajas, Sattva and the Tamas of the world. This might have sounded a little pretentious, but at least we weren’t sitting on pillows and drinking handpicked white tea with jasmine incense lingering softly in the background. And I’ll be even more honest and say I didn’t know one thing about Ayurveda teachings until Lenah started talking about it but I must say it sounds very interesting.

According to the Ayurveda teachings there are three different body types/qualities, Doshas, and three mental types/qualities, Gunas. The three Gunas are called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas and brief description of them would look like this:

Sattva – creative; clear; harmonious
Rajas –
activity; movement
Tamas –
inertia; dullness; lethargy

We all consist of all three of these types, but according to Ayurveda excessive Rajas and Tamas have a disturbing influence on the mind and we should aim to have the Sattva at about two thirds or more. Makes sense in a way, everybody could have a little more Gandhi or Dalai Lama in them.

Lenah started telling me about all this while I was writing and researching Hollywood PA, so I “obviously” had E! online in one of the tabs. Reading celebrity news is sometimes as interesting as going to a spreadsheet conference, but sometimes you stumble upon interesting stuff or things which provokes some kind of thinking.

I can for example say that Chris Brown would need a little bit more Sattva in his life and when I write “a little” I mean a lot. Brown is a talented singer/dancer/songwriter but for some he is more famous for beating up Rihanna when they were dating. Now he had apparently been involved in a bar brawl with his colleague rapper Drake (are rappers colleagues? they don’t seem all that friendly). The brawl took place in the W.i.P. nightclub in SoHo, New York, after, and here I quote E!, Brown had a $2,000 bottle of Ace of Spades champagne delivered to Drake’s table—a gesture that purportedly prompted the Young Money entertainer to send back a note that read, “I am f–king the love of your life.” That reported note being a reference to Brown’s 24-year-old ex, Rihanna, whom Drake had hooked up with.

The E! article comes with a blurred image of a night club covered in broken glass.

Yeah, Sattva is what they need, not money.

Because I wouldn’t blame fame or money on episodes like this, it could easily have happened in a shabby bar, involving 10-dollar sparkling wine and the girl could have been cross-eyed and weighing in at 300 pounds and the guys would still have been throwing glass at each other like idiots. They have just elevated their game to involve E! instead of Compton Daily.

So this is my suggestion to Chris Brown and Drake: Read an Ayurveda book, go to church every Sunday, take all your money and give it to charity and hole up in a monastery in Tibet for a year. Do something to get rid of this destructive rage, this Tamas that is apparently tearing your common sense to bits.

You would feel ten times better, I promise. Why not take solace in your Twitter profile message, Chris, the one that says: IM JUST ME!!!FRESH IZ A WAY OF LIFE.. so everyday is a new beginning… – let today be a new beginning.

Anyway, that’s today’s post, hope you learned something. Now I gon’ get me sum  fresh Timbs n’ rims n’ beat up sum skanky hoes’, knowwhatamsayin’?