For Sale

This could have been a post on the shallowness of society and how everything we cherish and love is for sale these days. But it’s not. We’re just moving house and selling a bunch of stuff at good prices. You’re interested? Hit me at


See picture for reference.

Pic top left
Tikkams Antique style side table
Price new: 150
Our price: 80

Pic top right
Custom made kitchen side table
Price new: 250
Our price: 100

Pic mid left
Tikkams large chest of drawers
Price new: 520
Our price: 250

Pic mid right
Atrium New York foldable wall
Price new: 120
Our price: 50

Pic bottom left
Atrium chest of drawers
Price new: 220
Our price: 100

Pic bottom right
Atrium desk
Price new: 170
Our price: 80

We also have a nice hallway piece that we’re selling for 60 euro.


And our microfibre sofa which cost more than 800 new and is in good condition. Now 250 euro.

photo (2)

We also sell a mirror. 30 euro.

photo (3)

Then I sell a bunch of tennis racquets and guitars too:

Behring practice amp 15W
New price: 60
My price: 40 (used once)

2013-02-09 08.52.33

Behring iAxe electric guitar
New price: 90
My price: 50 (used once)

2013-02-09 08.21.28

Wilson Pro Staff BLX 90 (Federer’s racquet of choice)
Grip 3. Strung with Babolat RPM Blast (Nadal) and Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power).
Price new: 160 euro
My price: 90 euro each. Both for 170 euro.

2013-07-13 15.11.29

Wilson Six.One BLX 95 (18×20)
Some scratches on this one.
Grip 3. Strung with Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power).
Price new: 150
My price: 50 euro

2013-07-13 15.17.27

Wilson Six.One BLX 95 (16×18) Innegra
As new.
Grip 3. Strung with Yonex Poly Tour Spin.
Price new: 160
My price: 80 euro

2013-07-13 15.09.03