How to sell a car and other links

used_carIt is not always easy to sell a used car. But maybe it matters in what way it was used? Here is an example of someone trying a different approach. The link comes from

In Hollywood…new topless pictures of Britney Spears has leaked out and Megan Fox is saying that they should legalize cannabis. But then again she is 22 or something, a dangerous age. Nope, I won’t link here. Google it yourselves, folks.

The biggest news of the day is surely Paris Hilton’s new doggie mansion. There is something very retarded about Paris Hilton that seems to attract people.

For you who have an interest in REAL celebrities (fellow Fedophiles!) here is some eye-candy. The Fed-express is on the way to 15 now. Hopefully already at Wimbledon. But the discussion if he is the all-time greatest can end right now. He is. Period.