Why You Shouldn’t Play Golf.

There are obviously many reasons why you shouldn’t play golf. Here are a couple relevant ones for me:

1. It takes ages.
2. It’s ridiculously frustrating.
3. Other sports provide better exercise.

Now you, as the crazy golf enthusiast you are, think I’m stupid because I don’t understand the beauty of the game. But you’re wrong, because I do. Golf can be very relaxing, rewarding, exciting and challenging (in a good way). It’s a great setting to talk about business deals or life in general and it’s a wonderful feeling to have a beer on the “19th hole” after you’ve lugged yourself and your clubs around for 5 hours.


Is the Blackberry going down?

I read an interesting article in New York Times today called, Quick Hide the Blackberry or The Blackberry as the Black Sheep. The article tells the story about the once very popular and very cool phone Blackberry (pioneering e-mail sending over the phone), not being so very popular and cool anymore. Is the Blackberry heading towards certain death? I quote from the New York Times article:


How to increase your productivity


(Well you could probably do something more productive than reading this very long post so…)

Yeah, this is another installment in my humble advice series. I call it humble because I believe someone’s about to comment “who the fuck are you to give people advice about this and that, you don’t know jack shit!” but maybe that’s just some small spark of internet forum fear (people seem to find it easier to be rude on the internet than face to face, gee, I wonder why?).


One year of Obama been laid and?


Excuse the weird header. It is a play on names.

If you want to tell the world or at least New York Times how you feel after one year of Obama, then you should go times nifty polling application and choose one word. I don’t know what my word would be, first I thought indifferent, but I surely feel better than when W was in the White House so I think positive would fit better.