The Secret of Success


…is hard work. Were you expecting something else? I can understand if you did, we all want shortcuts or secrets or easy ways to transform our life into something bigger and better. That’s why we read self-help books right?

I’m not saying you read self-help books (but you read this blog, which is a good start!), but I do, not always expecting life-changing advice as I’m generally quite happy with my life, but to see if there’s some little tidbit or gem of information to sift out. Some of the books contain a lot of good stuff and some are better off as toilet paper. Actually, they’re not good for that either, you might get a rash.

I’m lucky that Lenah is also into these things, sometimes more than me, because it helps to bounce ideas with someone. Just thinking long and hard alone never gets you anywhere with anything, you just go bananas and bananas are for monkeys and monkeys live in the jungle which is not where you want to end up because you might be eaten by wild animals.

Right now I’m reading Money and the Law of Attraction, a book on how we through positive thinking can affect the laws of the world to work for us instead of against us. I’m of course simplifying because:

1. This is a blog post, not a thesis.
2. I haven’t finished it yet and don’t want to get it wrong and mislead you dear reader.
3. You need to break things down into small parts to understand them better.
4. I like keeping things simple.

Thinking positively is of course not life-changing advice worth 20 bucks, it’s common sense, but it’s surprising how often we need to remind ourselves of the most basic stuff. I guess it’s why we need books.

It’s funny how you notice the Law of Attraction in every day life. When you randomly think about a person or something, they sometimes randomly pop up just in front of you. It’s happened a lot lately in eerie ways, like a ghost in the machine. Not like I believe in ghosts, but maybe our minds are much stronger than we think?

I like the thought that the mind is just another tool at our disposal, something we can control as much as an arm or a leg if we practice it. But we need to practice it then and it’s a shame that so few people see their minds as something they can and should improve. It’s not something that just sits there, feels and thinks random stuff – we can steer it more than we think and being generally positive is a solid first step. And by taking loads of small steps, you’ll come a long way.

Going back to the title of this post, which I think will be successful for SEO purposes, The Secret of Success is a lot about hard work, but not hard work as going every day to the same office/factory/whatever, but working hard on yourself, trying to improve every little piece of yourself and be more in control of the things which happen within you. Another book I read recently, The Slight Edge, takes a similar view, but focuses on incremental work. This is also far from rocket science: try to improve ever so slightly every day in every thing. Eating healthy, working out, reading books, keeping up positive routines, etc. I think positive habits and thoughts are the way to go for everyone, but the tough part is obviously staying clear-headed and positive even in stressful or sad situations. And this is where we need it the most.

But I’m sure there are books with good training exercises or thinking techniques for that as well. Simply put, books are where it’s happening and if you don’t read books, you’re missing out on a lot of good things in life.

Pretty corny post this, but like in all good American TV series, there is a moral to be learned:

1. Think positively and great things will happen.
2. Get into positive routines and great things will happen.
3. Read books and great things will happen.
4. Try to improve yourself a little bit everyday and great things will happen.
5. Follow this blog and great things will happen.