Great Insurance Ad

“Risks prefer to be hidden.”

This is visually strong with a really nice idea. Brilliant.

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Advertising Agency: Teran TBWA, Mexico
Chief Creative Officer: JoaquĆ­n Maldonado
Creative Directors: Oscar Casarreal, Pablo Guerrero
Art Directors: Eduardo Andrade, Laura Rivapalacio, Ana Martinez
Copywriters: Erick Flores, Lorena Medellin, Eduardo Rodriguez
Illustrator: Ricardo Salamanca
Photographer: Ivan Belaustegui
Published: September 2012

Rodrigo y Gabriela


Mexico seems to have a lot of things going for it. The food, the heat, the passion. It is a shame that all your hear about on the news are drug-related violence. Luckily there is a wonderful Mexican guitar duo called Rodrigo y Gabriela who can steal some of the spotlight from the mafia.

The duo’s members are Rodrigo Sanchez, lead guitar, and Gabriela Quintero, rhythm guitar and they play a fast acoustic mix of metal, folk, and latin rock. They have reached a lot of success already and played both on Letterman and Jay Leno and have been working on the soundtrack for the next Pirates of the Caribbean-film.

Rodrigo y Gabriela hits you from the first note and then it is hard to sit still. Here they play live at NPR Music, here is their official website, and here is their MySpace site where you can listen to a couple of songs.