Brand-dropping and Product Placement in Rap Music

Listening to Kanye West and Jay-Z’s latest albums, Yeezus and Magna Carta Holy GrailĀ is making me think of lyrics in rap music. Arguably, Jay-Z and Kanye West are two of the biggest names in not only the genre, but in music today, so although their output might not be reflective of every rap artist out there (I know there ARE better lyricists), they bear a huge influence.


Creativity Your Holy Grail – Sources of Inspiration

You rarely feel as good as when you’re being creative. You’ve got the flow, you’re in the moment, your eyes are wide open, taking things in, twisting and turning them until they make sense. New sense. Different sense.

It seems like you can’t force creativity, you’ve got to let it come to you. But you can open the door for it.