How to increase your productivity


(Well you could probably do something more productive than reading this very long post so…)

Yeah, this is another installment in my humble advice series. I call it humble because I believe someone’s about to comment “who the fuck are you to give people advice about this and that, you don’t know jack shit!” but maybe that’s just some small spark of internet forum fear (people seem to find it easier to be rude on the internet than face to face, gee, I wonder why?).


I want to kill my Macbook Pro

Yes, this is what I’ve been feeling lately with my rainbow-colored mac loading screen coming up as soon as I try to start up Google Chrome, Microsoft Word or any other usually lightning speed software.

I’m usually able to figure these problems out myself but this one has been a tough cookie. The Macbook is one year old, has been working like a charm, and I’ve had no second thoughts about switching from PC to Mac until now. But the problem with a Mac is that it doesn’t seem to give you the tools to figure things out yourself, it’s quite limited when it comes to system tools because the idea is that it should just work without defrags, restarts, troubleshooting, etc.