Tennis training with “Bob” Caruana

Aiden (aka Bob) and I had a tennis session on Saturday. It was almost too hot to play but he hit some decent shots. Lenah also came by to say hi, looking beautiful and tennis Summery in a white dress.

And on Sunday we were walking the streets of Valletta and stumbled upon this declaration of love for Roger Federer covering a MEPA application. Nice to see fans of the Fed Express in full force also in Malta!


The Kardashians and a Chanel Tennis Racket


Lenah and I watched a new episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians yesterday, an episode where a big part of the family and especially the “momanager” Kris Jenner got into their heads to start playing tennis. Something which, according to Jenner’s biography, they did a lot back in the days. The majority of the tennis segment was based around how much Kris Jenner moans when she hits the ball. They thought it absolutely ridiculous which can mean two things:


Writing can be lonely, but can’t be done alone


Whilst working on my second book, Hollywood Ass., I’ve realized how lonely writing can be and how important it is to have someone to brainstorm ideas and discuss characters with, get feedback from and to help you with the thankless task of reading every word you write, two-three-four times or more. I think all writers need this, it’s essential to the process of creativity, where anything really good rarely comes out of one single mind. It has to be a give and take-process and it’s seldom (I would like to say never) linear, but up and down, ebb and flow, like a roller coaster where you’re sometimes on an amazing high and occasionally also in a deep, deep valley of doubt.


Instagram Socialmatic – A Cool Concept

It’s only a concept, but wouldn’t it be great to have physical Instagram socialmatic? The Instagram Socialmatic is a flat touch screen camera with a built in printer,  16GB of storage capacity, two camera lenses, AND Wifi and bluetooth! It’s an impressive idea based on the super popular Instagram app and I personally would consider buying one (for Lenah).


Hollywood PA – Draft 2 done

Phew! The second draft of Hollywood PA is finally done. The book was going super smooth at first, but then I hit a wall with my day job taking all my energy and I got a bit stuck and negative. But now it’s finally ready to be read by my first editor Lenah who actually hatched the idea to the whole thing! We’ll see how she likes it. Sometimes I get a bit trigger happy with the delete-button and remove too much, but it’s hard for me to tell without letting the manuscript sink in properly and the feedback from Lenah and my group of “draft readers”.