The Liberty Tree – a Review

The Liberty Tree
Drunk to Sober, via Love, Death, Disintegration & Freedom
Suzanne Harrington

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This book took some guts to write.

17674750-205x300Because it can’t be easy writing a book directed to your kids about the sometimes very dark days in your life and how their (then ex-husband to the author) father, Leo, commited suicide. The Liberty Tree is in part an ode to Leo and in part a very revealing and emotionally heavy autobiography.

Thankfully, Suzanne Harrington has the writing skills to make a sad story compelling and somewhat entertaining to read. You get the feeling nothing is spared in the pages, no secret is left unrevealed. And for that: big kudos to the writer.

I must say though that the book made me angry at times. You think: how can someone be so desperate and take so many drugs, drink so much and be so lost? It almost makes your head spin at times and I can imagine it makes her kids kind of crazy to read about too.

But I understand why she wrote it; when you have so much inside of you dying to get out, so many untold stories – you need to do something like this. And I can imagine it feels like a giant relief once it’s done.

Kind of like: This was me. It’s over. I’m saying goodbye to it.

What I think is a big benefit from a book like The Liberty Tree and one reason she wrote it, is that it can help others battling with depression, alcoholism, drugs, and self-loathing. I think that is the book’s ultimate value: “Look at Suzanne, once she was this complete wreck and now she’s this talented author. There’s hope. No matter what, there’s hope.”

A powerful book. A needed book. But not for the faint of heart.

Check out Liberty Tree at The Book Depository.