How to React to Tough Feedback According to John Mayer


You have to be able not to get your way. Cry a little bit. Take a bump. ¬†And let it send you back to the lab. Even if you have to say “I’ll show him!” It’s all gonna be better for it – John Mayer.

I watched an inspiring video today with one of my musical heroes, John Mayer. He’s doing a Q&A at Oxford and there are some insightful bits in the 50-minute long interview. You can watch it here. If you’re pressed for time, this outtake about his friendship with Steve Jobs really resonated with me.


John Mayer, Slow dancing in a burning room


I will keep on with this soundtrack of the day, week, whatever. The soundtrack of my life or something, because If you have music you love, why not share it? If you who read have anything to share, please write a comment. Much appreciated!

I had a pretty long John Mayer period some time ago, when I listened to a lot of his stuff. He is an incredibly talented musician, but many don’t take him seriously because he is such a public person as well. If you are dating Jennifer Aniston (twice) then I guess you would be pretty much in the gossip mag spotlight. I also have a feeling he likes it.


My stupid mouth

is a song by John Mayer, but also reflects the way I can sometimes make a fool of myself. Poor Lenah. I have a knack of commenting on someone or something just as a person that would likely be hurt by the comment walks by.

I often talk about fat people, just as someone really fat walks by. We went to Toys R’ Us in Sweden and I said this about a very plastic looking toy: “this crap is probably made by some poor litte asian kid”, and lo and behold, an asian kid and his parents appear in the same aisle. But of course, I am not alone in this.