Mdina Dungeons – a great experience for kids!

My  dear Lenah has been complaining a bit about my insistence on showing Aiden all kinds of adventure/action movies from my childhood. Films like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and other classics with a fair bit of violence in it (The Indiana Jones quadrilogy was bloodier than I remembered it) but I’ve said that if he’s scared he can do the famous old look-behind-the-pillow-trick and ultimately I think we’ve both been enjoying the movies very much.

But  despite her reluctance to have Aiden watch the films, she still thought it a good idea to go to the Mdina Dungeons today. (Yes, this was her idea!)

We didn’t know what to expect except for maybe a slightly spooky experience. Well…it was a bit more than that. Mdina Dungeons is truly a gory bloodfest with lifesize dolls being splattered, decapitated, hung and tortured in various creepy rooms. Even though the setting wasn’t ripe for it, I couldn’t help but laugh. After all this talk about Indiana Jones, here we are face to face with a slaughterfest!

Needless to say, Aiden was scared out of his pants and after the little tour he said: “Now you’ve ruined the whole day for me, thank you very much!”

He’s a little drama king and I’m not even sure he’ll end up having one nightmare from it, but I still thought the whole experience (a laughterfest) was well worth the admission fee!