Everyday Psychopaths for Free?

Yes, the headline is right. Right now, I’m giving away my short story collection Everyday Psychopaths for free at Smashwords and Kobo.

The idea with giving away a book for free is obviously that you check out my other books, The Wake-Up Call and Hollywood Ass.

Right now, I’m slowly hacking away at my novelette Six Strings, but I’m not exactly moving at light speed, to be honest with you. But, writing a book is nothing that needs to be rushed, it’s my little self-indulgent hobby that I tinker with from time to time. You could say that I’m slowly learning to keep my giant expectations at bay.

However, I’m happy that the New York start-up Pubslush wrote a few words about me and my books in their blog.

I’m also honored to have had business guru Tom Peters buy The Wake-Up Call and tweet to me about it. He’s a person I respect very much. I shared the event on my facebook page like this: “Honored to have business author legend Tom Peters buy The Wake-Up Call today and then tweet to me about it. The only problem is that the importance of my own books are puny compared to his.”

That’s enough about what’s going on in my writing life. On a writing-related side note, I’m happy that Lenah is getting more and more writing gigs. It’s a big plus that we share the same passions in life and can urge each other on, not to mention proofread each other’s work!

Being an independent author or freelance writer can be pretty lonely, so it’s great to be able to tackle things more like a team.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to download a free book or tell your friends about it. My next post won’t be so much bragging/marketing-focused, I promise!