How To Apply For A Job


So you want a job. Any job or a specific job. You need money. Maybe you need more money. You have applied and reached the interview process…now what?

This How to apply for a job article will help you! Just follow my advice and you’ll be having a (new) job in no-time!

1. Apply for jobs you want. And if you’re not in the luxury situation of applying for a job you really want – PRETEND!

2. Bring along an updated CV, nicely printed out. If you’re looking for a creative job, bring a portfolio as well.

3. PREPARE. How do you sell yourself, your skills, your personality and your attitude.

4. PREPARE SOME MORE. Learn something about the company, the job, and make sure you have a few smart questions up your sleeve.

5. Dress well. Depending on the job a suit and tie might not be required. But don’t look like a slob.

6. Look the interviewer in the face and speak up. There’s nothing worse than floor-studying mumblers.

7. Talk slowly and clearly. Don’t rush. Don’t panic.

8. Don’t ask stupid questions. This is open for interpretation but asking if you’re paid overtime before you’re given an offer is kind of weird.

9. Please don’t sweat profusely.

10. Shower before. Don’t smell.

11. Buy a gum or brush your teeth. Death breath might lose you a job.

12. Don’t insult the interviewer or the work of the company by coming with “constructive” feedback. Sometimes it might be good to say you’ve thought about how to improve the work etc, but be VERY careful. There is a risk of stepping on some very sensitive toes.

13. Don’t think you’re God’s gift to mankind and that you’re doing the company a favor by asking for a job there. Keep your ego at home.

14. Don’t ask for a┬áridiculous┬ásalary.

If you follow all these rules you might just get yourself a job you like. Or maybe you find out you don’t want to work at all and start writing books instead. No matter what you choose.

Good luck!

Ps. You need it. Ds.