“This is a divorce. In Hollywood that’s as big as someone painting their house.”

Here are some more quotes and excerpts from the romantic comedy Hollywood Ass...

“When  had launched her projectile vomit, right there on the red carpet, the world stopped for a second and stared at the mash of white wine, shrimp, guacamole and God knows what else, and asked the obvious question: What the hell happened? The famous TV-presenter, who witnessed the whole thing from only a meter away and probably got some of her regurgitated food on his shoes, probably asked the same thing. He was frozen and pale, a rare look on his always polished and controlled facade.”


“I wanted to achieve greatness and prioritized accordingly.”

I wanted to achieve greatness and prioritized accordingly. Relationships were contra productive to my career. Starting a family was out of the question. Keeping up with friends didn’t really make the list – hell, I didn’t even know who my real friends were.


Hell and iaintpayinyou

As the work day winds down it is good to laugh a little. I like this view of hell:


And I very much enjoy that people are naive enough to ship stuff to people with the user name “iaintpayinyou” on ebay.