Josh Rouse: The Happiness Waltz


When I stumble upon a good track that isn’t already known by millions, I feel the need to share it. Some artists deserve more fame than they get and one of them is Josh Rouse who consistently makes brilliant pop tunes and albums. His latest offering The Happiness Waltz is no exception. No, it’s probably one of his best.


What Happiness Is (Or Isn’t)


It’s different for everyone I guess, but for most it would equal freedom, health, have people to love and be loved back, have a job and possibly a hobby you like, and to feel purposeful.

But we often get muddled up in a chase after something we think is happiness. Mostly it’s about money or things related to money, a promotion at work, winning the local curling club championship, or trading on the stock exchange to make an extra buck. We believe that this promotion, new object or title will bring us closer to being truly happy.


The Wake-Up Call Philosophy

Oh, crap, I’m in a preaching mode…

The Wake-Up Call philosophy is about re-evaluation, about looking at yourself and asking yourself where you are in your life and where you would want to be.

It’s good to have a regular wake-up call. It’s nice to smell the coffee. It’s educating to read the writing on the wall.┬áTo pinch yourself once in a while. Hard.