Google: The Internship

Yesterday we went to Marsovin Summer Wine Festival. It was packed and atmospheric as usual. I only had four glasses of wine/champagne, but still woke up with headache. Lenah was fine so I guess I should blame the fact that I had a massage a few hours before and didn’t drink enough water. Two hours of tennis this morning should have removed all the toxins from my body, but I’m still slower than a snail on hashish. And that’s why we’re going to the cinema!


Cubicle blues

Lately (the last five years or so), I’ve been suffering from cubicle blues. For you who don’t know what a cubicle is, it’s in the picture above.

It’s your own little office within the office.

Some of you might call it your own little prison inside the prison, but that might be a bit harsh.


Back up your stuff


Today I managed to spill half a bottle of water on my Macbook Air. It shut itself off and I’m not sure if it will ever start again. I had pretty much everything on that computer: unfinished books, music I listen to daily, important work files, notes, e-mail archives, photos and other important things you might have on a computer. In short: I feel horrible.