Writing and Reading


Writing and reading. Yin and Yang. Talking and listening. Taking in and giving out.

Sometimes we forgot that this circle of communication is important to stay a circle and not an 180 degree monologue. The importance of course being to listen, to read, to take in what others give you.

If you love to write, you should also love to read. How else would you grow, find inspiration, and learn from others?

I can be quite a talker I must admit. My brain is on constant tap, ready to spew out something. I’ve been said to suffer from everything between brain-diarrhea to narcissism.

But I’ve tried to work on that. I’ve really tried to become a better listener and less of a talker (the last one is a bit of a struggle though). I’m not sure I’m there yet and I think my dear Lenah would agree that sometimes my brain goes either on overdrive (a bit hyper and with a lot of bad jokes) or underdrive where there’s something going on behind the scenes (I’m usually not aware of what’s happening myself) and I’m slow like a snail stapled to a sticky seat.

Working on yourself, on your weaknesses, on improving the person you are, is I think a defining trait and skill in a personality and will help you become better in whatever your undertake.

The reason I chose the headline Writing and Reading is because I think that if you want to be a good writer, you need to read a LOT, you need to listen a LOT (dialogue writing skills), and you need to write a LOT, because only practice makes perfect and you need to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite and edit, edit, edit to get a product you’re happy with.

This goes for ourselves as well.