What is Responsive Design?


Almost everybody working with websites in some way should have heard about responsive design, also called RWD. The site you’re looking at now is using responsive design, meaning that if you look at it in your iPhone, iPad or other digital device, it will adapt its design to the device and provide an optimised viewing experience. The importance of responsive design is increasing every day since more and more people browse the Internet using other gadgets than their desktop or laptop computers.

Just look around you. Everywhere you go, people seem to carrying an iPad. They’re probably using it more than they’re using a normal PC/Mac, if you don’t count office hours. So the importance of making your website or blog responsive is very important if you want readers not to have to pinch-zoom and see a less attractive version of your website when they want to read your latest post.

And that’s why jonaswrites.com is using responsive design. Try it out on your mobile or on your tablet and you will see how beautifully the site optimises itself to give you a better browsing experience. The new design is a lot more slick than the previous one, some would call it very Nordic and some would call it boring, but after all, what we want on the web is content and this way it will be easier for you to read and access it.

Happy reading!