Short story: A Killer Date

New short story out. This time it’s a thriller (or horror if you like). The story is about a romantic date gone bad.

Description for A Killer Date

30 minutes into the date, Sheila thinks there’s magic in the air between her and Terry. He’s the man she’s been waiting for. She can hardly believe her luck to have met a man who seems to have everything. She wants to pinch her arm and ask herself if it’s too good to be true, but if she did the answer would be: Yes, it is too good to be true, because the truth is actually horrifying…

Read, enjoy and share. A Killer Date

Happy reading! Cheers / J.

The Wake-Up Call – a self-publishing experiment

My first novel is called The Wake-Up Call, it is currently available on Amazon Kindle and in print at The Book Depository (Europe) and Amazon US. It has currently had more than 35 000 downloads as an e-book, which I’m very happy with. I wrote the book as an experiment to see whether or not a reader would sympathise with what many would call an “asshole” if he told his story from the first-person perspective. I’m not surprised that the feedback has been mixed, some people love the book and to get inside the head of the main character Jack Reynolds, while some people think he’s too morally corrupt to bother with. My next novel,Hollywood PA, will not be as controversial and will hopefully get more even (positive) feedback.

Self-publishing a book was an exciting experiment and I’m happy that so many have read the book without me having a massive advertising vehicle slash publishing house behind me. I like to call it an experiment because you obviously get a lot of things wrong the first time you do it and when you click “Publish” you open yourself up to all kinds of criticism. But, on the other hand, if you never click that button you will never know where you stand and never learn how to improve. Writing is all about staying at it, getting better and not giving in to doubt. And if we just stay at it we will all come out wiser.

I hope you take the time to check out my book. Below you will find out a little more about it. /J.

About The Wake-Up Call

Jack is 35 years old but has never been in a serious relationship…
He’s been busy building his career. He’s met plenty of girls, but just not the right one.

On a well-needed trip away from his beloved New York he falls in love. With not one but TWO girls. Soon they all come together for the most awkward dinner of their lives. And it’s only the start of complications…

Find out how Jack gets his life-changing wake-up call in this fast-paced, heartfelt and entertaining novel about soul-searching, friendship, and love.

Readers response to The Wake-Up Call…
“A contemporary Don Draper.”
“A riveting page-turner.”
“Brilliant fun for small money.”
“If you don’t smile to this book, you probably never smile anyway.”
“Like a male Bridget Jones in the voice of Marian Keyes.”
“Good style, great flow! Can’t remember that a book entertained me that much.”
Gritty, realistic and a damn good read!”
“The Wake-Up Call really has it all – you laugh, you’re moved and most of all you’re entertained.”

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