What Makes a Good Creative Director?

This is a great article about being a Creative Director that I post in its entirety here. The original article is from graphicPUSH. I have added the bold.

“In the design career path, there are few greater achievements than a skilled designer or copywriter becoming a creative director. It’s a wonderful promotion. Unfortunately, creative people do not usually make good management. Finding the right mesh of talent and interpersonal skills is a very difficult task, which is why good creative directors have been revered — there are so few people who can be creative and manage creative.


Design, Copywriting and E-marketing Books

I’m buying books for the department at work and this is a nice list if you’re into either design, copywriting or e-marketing books.

http://goo.gl/GsRWG E-marketing Excellence

http://goo.gl/CnPGi  Digital Marketing: Strategies for Online Success