Creative iPad ad

Clever ad by Y&R in Rome that makes me think of Aiden’s (8) frequent tinkering with our iPad. There are enough fingerprints there to start an FBI investigation. Or something.

Copy: “Follow us on your iPad.”

Creative credits:
Advertising Agency: Y&R, Rome, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Chief Creative Director: Alessandro Canale
Art Director: Jessica Nardone
Copywriter: Gabriele Di Donato
Account Director: Pierluigi Scozzi
Client Creative Director: Mariano Lombardi


Ads: A Brand New Movie Theater

It’s hard to dislike this simple idea. After all, people like kids and movies, so dressing up a kid as famous movie characters can’t fail right?

If you’re curious about why the copy reads: A brand new movie theater, now on the 3rd floor, it’s because Praia de Belas is a big shopping mall in Porto Alegre, Brazil.


Harvey Nichols ad

Not sure I get this one. It’s also strange for a print concept, digitally it might work better since it plays off the digital world. Thoughts?

Advertising Agency: Y&R Dubai, UAE
Director: Dimitri Daniloff
Executive Creative Director: Kalpesh Patankar
Agency Executive Producer: Amin Soltani
Agency Producer: Jolianne Ray
Photographer: Dimitri Daniloff
Designers for the paper silhouette: Le Creative Sweatshop
Published: April 2012


What Makes a Good Creative Director?

This is a great article about being a Creative Director that I post in its entirety here. The original article is from graphicPUSH. I have added the bold.

“In the design career path, there are few greater achievements than a skilled designer or copywriter becoming a creative director. It’s a wonderful promotion. Unfortunately, creative people do not usually make good management. Finding the right mesh of talent and interpersonal skills is a very difficult task, which is why good creative directors have been revered — there are so few people who can be creative and manage creative.


What Seems Like a Great Idea Today…

Sticks with you for 50 years.

– Strong and fast fixing glue.

Advertising Agency: Falck & Co, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Svante Heiding
Art Directors: Daniel Backman, Annki Andersson
Copywriters: Angelica Lindgren, Magnus Abelin
Published: February 2012


The Physical Demands of a Creative Director

This is the description of the physical demands for a Creative Director position I found on

“Physical Demands:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is frequantly required to sit and key, and occasionally required to reach, walk or stand. Employee may also be required to occasionally lift objects 1-10 lbs.”