Another Nice Review for Hollywood Ass.

I was very pleased to read a review on ChickLit Pad today for Hollywood Ass. Please read the full review here. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

With Jonas Eriksson’s Hollywood Ass, you don’t need to be reading any crap about Hollywood that isn’t Hollywood.

I was impressed. Highly. Language was fantastic. Humor was intact. Characters were breathtaking. And, Oh, Em, Geez- the facts. The facts were, uh, not fictional.

Nothing reeled me in about the blurb. But when I went in to the book, just the opening pages and Jonas has me as his new fan.

Not Chick-lit. But a closer sibling, lad-lit. And a very entertaining one…

So if you want an Insider info on Hollywood from an assistant’s perspective, sauntering on cobblestones of Rome lavishing it’s beautiful people, scenery and getting chased by paparazzi, you will be disappointed if you don’t pick Eriksson’s Hollywood Ass.

Thanks for that! Made my day.