A collection of short stories that will both frighten you and make you laugh out loud. Warning: reading these three stories can make you sound like a crazy person. Kind of like an Everyday Psychopath…


In Everyday Psychopaths you find three stories, all three of them containing an everyday psychopath of some kind. The first one is close to a horror story with a dose of dark humor, the short second one is more literary but scary in its own right, and the third one is all dark comedy. Included in this collection is also two samples of my novels, The Wake-Up Call and Hollywood Ass. I hope you like them enough to consider checking them out in full.

The Stories in Everyday Psychopaths

A Killer Date
30 minutes into the date, Sheila thinks there’s magic in the air between her and Terry. She can hardly believe her luck to have met a man who seems to have everything. She wants to pinch her arm and ask herself if it’s too good to be true, but if she did the answer would be: Yes, it is too good to be true, because the truth is actually horrifying…

The Development Talk
Jasper is in for his yearly development talk and he’s feeling very uncomfortable about it. He usually doesn’t like meetings and his manager, Stephen, is kind of creepy. Little does he know how creepy…

The Worst/Best Day of My Life
Sometimes one day is enough. One day can change your life from heaven to hell. Or vice versa. This is what happened to Joe in the craziest 24 hours of his life…

The Wake-Up Call (sample)
On the surface he has it all: the women, the career, and the Central Park view penthouse, but behind his well-groomed and chiseled facade he has nothing. At least this is what he’s about to realize. Find out how Jack gets his life-changing wake-up call in this fast-paced, heartfelt and funny novel about soul-searching, friendship, and love.

Hollywood Ass. (sample)
A Hollywood superstar suffers a mental collapse, her marriage is falling apart, her career is on the ropes and the only one keeping it all together is her loyal assistant and friend, Darryl. Problem is, he’s kind of in love with her. Soon he finds himself drawn into a story that is much like the movies his employer stars in. But in real life the answers aren’t in the script…


Retro New York images

There are some really cool New York images from the 40s here. If you check them out you’ll find that some things have changed big-time but some have hardly changed at all! The beautiful city of New York still carries that special, vibrant glow that makes people write poems, books and make movies about it. It’s a city with a pulse entirely of its own.

When I wrote my novel The Wake-Up Call I had to place the main parts of it there, although I knew it’s kind of a cliché. My central character Jack Reynolds simply couldn’t be based anywhere else but in the world’s capital and I couldn’t write so lovingly about any other city in the world.

Google analytics tells me a lot of my visitors find the New York tag but I’m not exactly sure why or from where. Sure, I write a lot about New York, but I still can’t figure out why the New York googlers keep on coming.

I guess I should hope a few of them happen to stumble upon my book…