The Wake-up Call: The cover

Here’s the preliminary cover art for my upcoming novel The Wake-Up Call, designed by talented designer Joakim Wiborn. The book is about New York advertising mogul Jack Reynolds’ quest for love; from family, friends, and of course from girls (well meeting girls is not a problem, the problem is meeting the girl). Jack has worked hard all his life to reach the top in the advertising world, only to realize it’s pretty lonely up there.

After a breakdown during a second date with a girl he doesn’t particularly care for, Jack decides to try and reconnect with his father. But instead he connects with his father’s young girlfriend and soon finds himself in a web of complications that leads him to reconsider his life completely.

The Wake-Up Call is set in New York, Miami and Mexico and takes the reader on an emotional journey into the heart and mind of a lost middle-age man.

To be released in a not too distant future on Kindle  (Amazon), Nook ( Barnes and Noble), and other e-book formats.