The latest ads – good, bad and ugly

Working in advertising makes you look at ads in a different way. While some people might just turn the page, I like to study execution and idea. Here are a few of the latest print ads that caught my eye.

First one is a nice play on the famous phrase “Home, sweet home.” in the ad becoming, home sweet home. It’s a fun play on words, but it’s hard to say whether the ad will be successful just because of that. Still, Thumbs up.


The Wake-up Call: The cover

Here’s the preliminary cover art for my upcoming novel The Wake-Up Call, designed by talented designer Joakim Wiborn.┬áThe book is about New York advertising mogul Jack Reynolds’ quest for love; from family, friends, and of course from girls (well meeting girls is not a problem, the problem is meeting the girl).┬áJack has worked hard all his life to reach the top in the advertising world, only to realize it’s pretty lonely up there.