“I found it nearly impossible to put down at night.”

I got a really nice review for my romantic comedy novel Hollywood Ass. In fact it was so good I share it with you below in full. Cheers /Jonas.

“Description taken from Amazon:

A Hollywood superstar suffers a mental collapse, her marriage is falling apart, her career is on the ropes and the only one keeping it all together is her loyal assistant and friend, Darryl. Problem is, he’s kind of in love with her. Soon he finds himself drawn into a story that is much like the movies his employer stars in. But in real life the answers aren’t in the script…

My thoughts:

This book really surprised me. I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, but I found it nearly impossible to put down at night. I felt like I was right there in the moment with Darryl and B.

Quote from the book (taken from http://jonaswrites.com/hollywoodass/)

How could I let myself get attracted to my employer? It was the cardinal sin in the assistant’s Bible. I knew the answer of course, the fine line between friendship and work had slowly been erased and it had become too easy to slip over to the other, more personal, side. I realized I had to fix this, that I had to detach myself and float back across the line again, take a large marker and make the line as bold as possible, so as never to be crossed again!

Screw the marker, I had to pull some black and yellow police tape across that damn line.

That quote in particular had me laughing out loud. Darryl is relatively serious in his life and yet has a sense of humor that flows with his personality seamlessly.

Quote from the book (taken from http://jonaswrites.com/hollywoodass/)

A man was touching me. Luckily we weren’t in a bar, but in a Gucci store and the man was a white-haired, old-school tailor with a pen behind his ear and measuring tape in his hands. I was getting an outfit custom-made,
express charge and B was paying for it.

When we were out on the street, B slapped me gently on the ass and said, “Now let’s buy some champagne.” Sexual harassment in the work place? You bet. Weird thing was, I didn’t mind it.

You can’t help but be drawn in to Darryl and anticipate what will happen next. I included the next excerpt to just give you a great glimpse into the relationship between Darryl and B.

Excerpt from the book (taken from http://jonaswrites.com/hollywoodass/)

After our run, B wanted a Pinkberry, a non-alcohol indulgence I had no problem with.

She donned her oversized shades and I parked the Ranger Rover something like 50 meters from the frozen yoghurt place on a sun-streaked Santa Monica Boulevard. Before heading out, I looked around for paparazzi. To my relief, there were none to be seen, but they were prone to pop-up anywhere at anytime like some evil “jackass-in-a-box”. I was just about to walk out when, from the bottom of her cracked confidence, B unleashed: “You’d fuck me wouldn’t you? If I was single?”

Now what this had to do with frozen yoghurt, I’ll never know.

“Yes, I’d pop your Pinkberry if that’s what you’re talking about. Anyone would, you’re smoking hot.”

“Thanks, Darryl. Don’t you ever quit on me, okay?”

“I promise,” I said out of necessity, but it was a promise I knew would be hard to keep.

When I was back in the car, B dug into her Pinkberry like she had been on a month long Survivor-diet. I have always appreciated women with healthy appetites and I gladly watched her shovel it in.

B of course noticed my big eyes, “What are you looking at? You’re staring at me like I’m miss Piggy!”

To which I smiled and said, “I just like to see a woman eat.”

“Is that a black man’s thing or what? I thought men wanted women who doesn’t eat, doesn’t talk, fart flowers and who never let anything out of the anus, just into it.” B took one more spoon, rolled down the window, threw out the cup and said, “Let’s go home, okay?”

“Yeah, let’s go before they arrest us for littering.” I replied drily, turned the key and drove off.

The further you get into the book the harder it is to determine what you think should happen for a happily ever after, but I LOVED the ending of this book. I truly had a hard time putting it down and loved the view that we get from Darryl. It felt so real I wanted to meet these people and give them a hug!

I gave this 5 stars on Amazon and I hope others will give it a chance!

I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review.”